The unofficial 2021 General Election results for Athens County

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ATHENS COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) –Unofficial election results for Athens County are announced for contested trustee elections and levies. 

Voter turnout in Athens County sits at 26.86% with 10,466 ballots cast. 

William L. Willie Guess received 199 votes, and Robert V. Pullins, received 122 votes, to win the two open township trustee seats in the township of Carthage. Christopher L. Nutter lost with only 82 votes. 

The two candidates in Trimble who won the township trustee seats are Paul Smoke Barrett, with 461 votes, and Samuel Kamento, with 367 votes. Kevin Moore loses the seat with only 314 votes. 

Danny Brown, with 225 votes, and Stuart Neal, with 206 votes, secure the two township trustee seats in the township of Dover. Weston Lombard, Mark C. Sanders, John C. Snyder and Harold Sycks all individually receive less than 200 votes.

The two candidates in Troy who take the township trustee seats are Mike Putnam, with 214 votes, and Brandon Russell, with 186 votes. Harold Causey, Leroy Guess and Charles Glenn Lantz, Sr. each receive less than 160 votes, costing them trustee seats. 

Timothy R. Warren, with 623 votes, and Bill Mellinger, with 537 votes, take the two township trustee seats in the township of York. Mike Freer loses the seat with only 426 votes. 

In the Nelsonville York Board of Education race, Micah J. Covert, with 595 votes, and Gary Ray Edwards, with 529 votes, win seats on the board. David K. Lodge only receives 460 votes and therefore, does not become a member. 

Jay Barnes, with 1,286 votes, Aaron Ramsey, with 1,199 votes, and Josh Collins, with 1,189 votes, became the members of the Alexander Board of Education. Fred Davis does not win the seat, receiving only 1,040 votes. 

A tax levy for emergency medical services in Athens County passes, receiving 7,744 votes. 2,505 people voted against the tax levy. 

Another tax levy for senior citizens in Athens County passes with 7,900 votes. 2,367 votes are against the tax levy. 

Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until final official canvas is completed in three weeks.