The Hocking County 2021 General Election unofficial results

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HOCKING COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) — The unofficial results are in for Hocking County. 30.11% of eligible voters cast a ballot in the county.

In the City of Logan 2nd Ward Council race, Shirley Chapman defeated Jay D. Martin 137 to 116.

Laurelville and Murray City both had the Sensible Marihuana Ordinance on its ballots. This ordinance lowers the penalties for misdemeanor marijuana offenses to the lowest penalty allowed by state law. The ordinance passed in Murray City with 54.69% of the vote. The ordinance did not pass in Laurelville with 57.65% voting against the ordinance. 

Deborah A. Shaw (362 votes), Matt Kim (283 votes) and Jason M. Snyder (239 votes) secured three open seats on the Logan Elm School Board defeating Michael Linton, Scotty Lester and Michael J. Agosta.  

Gary Ray Edwards (176) and Micah J. Covert (130) won the two open seats on the Nelsonville-York School Board defeating David K. Loge. 

Robbie Davis (183) and David Seymour (136) won the two open seats on the Benton Township Trustees defeating Scott Justice and Shawn D. Ervin. There were two winners in the Marion Township Trustees race: Shawn P. Daubenmire (385) and Scott Kitzmiller (315). They ran against Brian K. Jones, Bryan Bownes and George Rempel.

There were two seats available in the Perry Township Trustees race: Jeff Karr (313) and Lisa Hall (278) defeating Tina Marshall.There were two winners in the Starr Township Trustees race: Chad M. Slack (156 votes) and J. R. Savely (146 votes) defeating Mike Burns. There were two winners in the Ward Township Trustees race: Scott Kieffer (153 votes) and Alan Cook (149 votes). They defeated Rick N. Dane.

Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until the final official canvas is completed in three weeks.