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The unofficial 2021 General Election results for Morgan County

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – In Morgan County, 3,475 voters cast their ballot for the 2021 General Election, here are the results for the contested races.

For Mayor of Stockport, Donna Dixon, with 82 votes, defeated Steve Cunningham, with 37 votes.

There are two winners for McConnelsville Township Trustee: Darel D. Kuntz , with 340 votes, and Glenn Bo Powell, with 296 votes. They ran against Rick Shriver. Chesterhill Township/Marion Township Trustee had four people run, and the two winners were Allen L. Wogan II, with 198 votes, and Bob Montgomery, with 124 votes. They ran against Darrin Carpenter and Paul E. Tabler. 

Manchester Township Trustee had two seats up for grabs, and the winners were Steve Cain, with 33 votes and Robert D. Post Jr., with 27 votes. For Union Township Trustee, Tim Van Horn, with 92 votes, and Chris Nichols, with 68 votes, won. The Penn Township Trustee race saw five people in the running. Jan R. Scott won with 109 votes, while Charles O. Greer won the other spot with 87 votes. They ran against Ray Crouse, Robert Welsh and Steve Murphey.  

Trista Lindimore won the position of Meigsville Township fiscal officer, with 171 votes. 

There were three winners for the Board of Education seats for Morgan Local Schools. The highly contested race had eight people in the running. The winners were J.R. Wilson, with 1,859 votes, Becky Thompson, with 1,397 votes and Jason Drobina, with 1,267 votes. They ran against Teresa Bowen, Bryon K. Griffin, Owen Morrow, Greg A. Jacomet and Andrea L. Jacomet. 

There was one county-wide levy for an additional .75 mil to benefit the continued operation of the Morgan County Health Department. The levy passed with 52.6% of the vote. In McConnelsville, 80.4% of voters passed the 2 mils tax levy for streets and alleys.

With 65.3% of the vote, Malta passed a replacement and increase tax levy for street repair.

In Stockport, 63.5% of voters passed a $2 million levy for street improvement.

Marion passed a renewal of its fire protection tax levy with 70.1% of the vote. 

Windsor passed a tax levy renewal for $1 million for its fire department with 74% of the vote. 

Get the details from all of the races in Morgan County here.

Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until final official canvas is completed in three weeks.