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The unofficial 2021 General Election results for Perry County

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PERRY COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) —  Here are unofficial results for contested races in Perry County.

There are four winners in the Village of Crooksville race: John Alan Loomis (226), Rodney H. Walters (208), Fred Redfern (197) and Robert Scott Locke (107). They ran against Jon R. Allen. There were four winners in the Village of Straitsville Council race: Don Spicer (92), Tarra L. Begley-Hoops (92), Sandra M. Bray (91) and Tanya J. Miller (75). They ran against Nichole Neal. Eight total candidates ran in a tightly contested race for a spot in the Village of Somerset council. The four elected into office were Douglas C. Fehrman (219), Christopher P. Shonk (191), Ryan Green (169) and Mechelle R. Siemer (168). They ran against David Snider, Michael L. Lally, Dick Petit and Jacqueline Strausbaugh Neel. 

There were two winners in the Bearfield Township Trustee race: Alber L. Reed (199) and Todd Harris (184). They ran against Robert A. Pillsbury Jr. and Joseph E. Ferguson. There were two seats up for grabs in the Clayton Township Trustee race: Braxton Hunter Cannon (197) and Rick Shumaker (158). They ran against Richard E. Groves, David A. Christian, Jacob Holstein and Jerry Koblentz. There were two winners in the Coal Township Trustee race: John Spicer Jr (125) and Edwin Thompson (122). They ran against Howard Curtis Nelson Jr. 

There were two winners in the Harrison County Trustee race: Tim Danielson (444) and Robert E. Elliott (397). They ran against Scott Vernon Alfman. There were two winners in the Hopewell Township Trustee race: Joe Orr (376) and Steve Swinehart (285). They ran against Chad R. Wilkins and Richard Sayre. Six total candidates ran in the Jackson Township Trustee race. The following two candidates won: Tom Spohn (380) and Frank J. Fondale (352). They ran against Matthew A. Baker, Carl D. Fondale  and Dean Throckmorton, Jr.

There were two winners in the Monroe Township Trustee race: Trevor McLean (180) and Todd Pierce (137). They ran against Brandon Berry and Kyle Fisher. Seven candidates ran for two seats in the Pike Township Trustee race. The two winners were Richard Fankhauser (437) and Charles Chip Saxton (434). They ran against David Earl Eveland, Coleman T. McCoy, Gary Poling, Jeremy E. Seals and Randy S. Wolfe. There were two winners in the Pleasant Township Trustee race: Paul Sherman Dutie (170) and Raymond P. Lucas (153) They ran against Jeffrey L. Berry. 

There were two winners in the Reading Township Trustee race: Timothy R. Emmert (722) and Wes Snider (665). They ran against Tim Sword. Two winners 3 ran. There were two winners in the Saltick Township Trustee race: Terry Jones (141) and Robert A. McLean (134). They ran against David Compston, Larry Lucas and Marvin Crane, Jr. two winners three ran. There were two winners in the Thorn Township Trustee race: Richie Boring (560) and Rick Wilson (543). They ran against Todd A. Brune, Phil Harlan, Gerald Hecker and David Lyle. There were three winners in the New Lexington School District race: Julia Paxton (1,271), John McGaughey, Jr. (1,041) and Steve Burton (1,031). They ran against Jason R. Givens and Amy N. Wright. Three winners five ran

There were three winners in the Southern Local School District race: Clarissa Reynolds (697), Pattie Jo Duffy (604) and Jim Palmer (581). They ran against Cassie L. Starlin.  Three winners four ran. The Village of New Lexington and New Straitsville both had the Sensible Marihuana Ordinance on its ballots. This ordinance lowers the penalties for misdemeanor marijuana offenses to the lowest penalty allowed by State Law. The ordinance passed in New Lexington with 53.5% of the vote. The ordinance also passed in New Straitsville with 60.1% of the vote.

Multiple tax levies were proposed and up for renewal in the county. Tax levies for parks and recreation were passed in the villages of Crooksville, New Lexington, and New Straitsville. In terms of levies for current expenses, the Village of Junction City voted to approve the levy, while the Village of Roseville voted against the levy by two votes.

The Villages of Thornville and Somerset both had police protection levies on their ballots. The Village of Somerset passed the levy with 66.8% voting yes. The Village of Thornville also passed the levy with 70.6% of the vote. Bearfield and Coal Townships both had cemetery renewal levies on the ballot. Bearfield Township passed the levy with 57.1% of the vote. Coal Township also passed its levy with 67% of the vote.

Thorn Township had a fire and EMS renewal levy on its ballot. The purpose of the levy was to maintain funding towards permanent, part time and volunteering firefighting as well as emergency medical services. The levy passed with 72.5%.

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Registered voters in Perry County achieved a voter turnout of 34%.

Per Ohio law, these results are considered unofficial until the final official canvas is completed in three weeks.