Unofficial Monroe County Election Results

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Here are the unofficial election results for Monroe County, with 37% of votes received:

Michael Ricer is beating Carol Hehr in the mayoral race for Woodsfield Village with 62 votes to 17.

The Bethel Township Trustee vote is between Jason Williamson and Dana Parks. Williamson seems to be pulling away with a 70-38 lead in votes.

In the race for Franklin County Fiscal Officer, Julie Hogue is clinging on to a 16-15 lead over Logan Norman.

The Jackson County Trustee race is being lead by Ryan Conley with 23 votes and Dale Ewers has 17 votes.

Jamison Talkington is currently in the lead over Linda Wisvari for the Fiscal Officer for Salem Township with 117 votes to 65.

Kevin Wecdkbacher has 55 votes, Brian Nalley has 40 and Carrie Heath has 15 in the Seneca Township Trustee race.

In the race for Seneca Township Fiscal Officer, Sherry Lallathin leads the way with 49 votes, Diana Clark is in second with 31 and Amy Carpenter is in 3rd with 29.

Nate Betts is pulling away in the Summit Township trustee with 135 votes. Stephen Dick and Steve King follow with 45 and 41.

It’s very close in the Summit Township trustee. Russell Goddard leads Trey Taylor 58-54 in votes.

In the Wayne Township Trustee, Carlos Nalley leads Derek Bright 54-45.

The Bethel Township 2-mill operating levy is currently 82 for and 25 against.

The Center Township 2 mill fire levy has 687 votes for and 173 against.

The Clarington Village 3 mill Current Expense levy has 37 votes against and 27 votes for.

The race for Noble Local School board member is heating up with Guy Carpenter currently leading with 53 votes.

For the Monroe County 0.7 Mill Levy, 2423 have currently voted for and 833 have voted against.

In Switzerland, Ohio, It is a tight race for the position of a member on the board of education. The top 3 get elected. Right now they are Greg Schumacher with 2085, Ron Winkler in 2nd with 1881 and Beverley Anderson with 1538.

In the Clarington Village 3 Mills Cemetery levy, 39 have voted against while 22 have voted for.

The Mid-East Career & Tech Centers 0.35 Mill  levy has 20 votes against and 15 voted for.

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