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Unofficial Election Results for Monroe County

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Mick Schumacher is the unofficial winner of the Monroe County Comissioner race. He received 3,337 votes and his opponent, Ron Taylor, received 1,993 votes.

The Monroe County Auditor race’s unofficial winner is Pandora J. Neuhart with 3,112 votes. She defeated Valerie Sefert’s 2,161 votes.

The EMS Levy in Monroe County passed with 2,968 votes for and 2,345 votes against.

Salem Township’s Cemetery Maintenance Levy passed 145-79.

The Fire Tax Levy in Salem Township also passed. It received 223 votes for and 114 against.

The Village of Clarington’s Current Expenses Tax Levy tied. The voted was split evenly with both for and against the levy receiving 56 votes each.

Beallsville Village’s Current Expenses Levy passed, receiving 72 votes for and 27 votes against.