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Vinton County Unofficial Election Results

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We have unofficial election results for select races in Vinton County.

Alexander Local Schools 1.25% Earned Income Tax Levy for Vinton County only failed with 11 by 6 votes.  

Lucy Juedes and Jody Monk will join Alexander Local Schools Board.  The four candidates for the third open seat on the board. Those candidates are Ralph Harvey, Margaret Demko, Josh Collins and Fred Davis.  

Brown Township 1 Mill Fire Protection Levy passed with 45 by 12 votes.  

Logan Hocking School Board will have Mark Barrell, Corby Leach and Lance Bell inducted on the school board.  

Richland Township 1 Mill Fre and EMS Levy passed with 193 by 78 votes.

The Village of Hamden passed a 2 Mills Fire Protection Levy with 143 by 22 votes.  

The Village of Hamden passed a 5 Mills Police Protection Levy with 111 by 55 votes.  

The Village of McArthur passed a 4 Mills Current Expenses Levy with 247 by 100 votes.  

The Village of Zaleski tied a 5 Mills Current Expenses Levy with 41 to 41 votes.  

The Vinton County passed a 1.5 Mills Senior and Children Services Levy with 1406 by 1266 votes.