Go behind-the-scenes to learn about the making of “Ken Burns: Muhammad Ali” – Nov. 30 at 9:30 pm

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Tuesday, November 30th 2021 at 9:3o pm

Behind-the-Scenes of the Epic Documentary Series with Host Keith David


KEN BURNS: MUHAMMAD ALI documents the making of the four-part series from filmmakers Ken Burns, Sarah Burns and David McMahon. Hosted by Keith David, three-time Emmy Award winner for his voice-over narration for previous Ken Burns projects JACKIE ROBINSON, THE WAR and UNFORGIVABLE BLACKNESS, the program features new and exclusive interviews with Ken Burns and the team that created the eight-hour epic series. Weaving together the most dramatic and emotional moments from Muhammad Ali, the program explores the making of the documentary series that follows the life of one of the most consequential men of the 20th century.

Muhammad Ali faces the press aftyer a fight
After a shocking loss of the Heavyweight title to Leon Spinks, with swollen eyes Muhammad Ali faces the press conference after the fight. Las Vegas, NV. February 15, 1978.

The three-time heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali captivated billions of billions of fans with his combination of speed, agility and power in the ring, and his charm, wit, and outspokenness outside of it. At the height of his fame, Ali challenged Americans’ racial prejudices, religious biases, and notions about what roles celebrities and athletes play in our society, and inspired people all over the world with his message of pride and self-affirmation.

Drawing from an extraordinary trove of archival footage and photographs, contemporary music, and the insights and memories of eyewitnesses—including family and friends, journalists, boxers, and historians, among others—Burns, Burns and McMahon created a sweeping portrait of an American icon. The series details the story of the athlete who called himself—and was considered by many to be—”the greatest of all time.”