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“Joe Nuxhall: The Old Lefthander and Me” delivers pitcher/broadcaster’s insights

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Joe Nuxhall was a famous pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. He also was a highly popular broadcaster for the club for over four decades.

Radio fans loved him for his colorful stories about his career and the game he loved.

He was the youngest pitcher ever to pitch in a major league game at age 15, toiled in the minors, and then became a stalwart part of the Reds’ pitching staff.

Later, he remained batting practice pitcher while holding his place in the broadcast booth.

All the time he was collecting stories of baseball, life, and broadcasting.

Those stories have been compiled and shared in a new book, “Joe Nuxhall: The Old Lefthander & Me”, written by author, journalist, and long-time media critic John Kiesewetter.

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to like the book, according to Kiesewetter.

Many of the stories share conversations about life in general and being a sports broadcaster.

Nuxhall was beloved by his teammates, his broadcast colleagues, and Reds’ fans.

He also was beloved by his hometown Hamilton, Ohio where he resided until his death in 2007.

Listen as Kiesewetter shares some of the stories with us and talks about his book.