Travel through Italy to meet some of the remarkable artisans in “Italy Made with Love” – March 7 at 8 pm

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Monday, March 7 at 8:00 pm

Celebrate the Artisans Who Still Create Remarkable Items By Hand


Travel through Italy to meet some of the country’s most remarkable artisans — from glassblowers in Venice to ceramic makers in Umbria; from cashmere weavers in Genoa to olive oil makers in Tuscany; to chefs who create the delectable dishes that reflect regional culinary traditions. ITALY MADE WITH LOVE celebrates these artisans’ exceptional eye, the discerning palate, the distinct finesse, and, most of all, the love for the craft. Highlighting the talent and dedication being passed on to the next generation of apprentices, ITALY MADE WITH LOVE is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations in March.

A mask maker in Venice, Italy.
A mask maker in Venice, Italy.

In a time when most products are mass-produced, ITALY MADE WITH LOVE focuses on the painters, weavers, jewelers, artists and craftspeople who still fashion exceptional items by hand. The precision, the customization, the delicate perfection, and the love for the art provide unique perspectives on what keeps traditions and cultures everlasting.

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ITALY MADE WITH LOVE is produced by Symbio Studios. The executive producer is Patrick Greene. Funding for the program is provided by public television viewers.