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Eastern reps a new swagger as the 2022 season begins to take foothold

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Being a champion. Something that every team aspires to do each season. But for the Eastern Eagles, it means something more, “being a champion is this, we told them when we started saying it, every breakout we do, every drill we do when we break out, we’re always trying to say ‘champions.’

It doesn’t mean champions on the football field. What is means to us, is be a champion every step of your life.” This was something new head coach, Coach Jackson introduced to the team

“Win the play” is the other team motto. Sophomore, Wide Receiver Gavin Murphy explains it as” a form of process thinking, you got to do your job and focus on what you are doing in that exact moment, you don’t have to focus on scoring touchdowns or winning the game, you just got to focus on doing your job and winning that play.”

Coach Jackson Eagles will be starting their season August 19th on the road, as they face the Alexander Spartans.