An inside look at the restoration of “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years” – Jan. 29 at 7 pm

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years

Sunday, January 29 at 7 pm

FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT’S BOYNTON HOUSE: THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS provides an exclusive look inside the painstaking process of restoring and rehabilitating a historic home. Even today, the Boynton House – one of the few Frank Lloyd Wright creations still functioning as a private, single-family residence instead of a museum – stands out among the traditional Tudors and colonials that line the streets of its Rochester, New York neighborhood.

Front view of renovated Frank Lloyd Wright's Boynton House
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House

Built in 1908, the Boynton House exemplifies Wright’s signature “Prairie style,” with its gently sloping roofs, long bands of windows, wide overhangs, low terraces, private gardens, open floor plan and built-in furnishings. Over time, however, this national treasure fell into disrepair, ravaged by 100 years of weather, termites and wear-and-tear.

In 2010, new owners Fran Cosentino and Jane Parker set out to restore Boynton House to its original splendor, following Wright’s design concepts and architectural philosophy. Cosentino guides cameras through every phase of the transformation, including the restoration of art glass panels and cantilevered front porch, the replacement of the roof, the addition of a three-car garage and back porch, and the conservation of original furniture.