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Why luck is a self-fulfilling prophecy, according to this expert

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WASHINGTON (NewsHour) — Luck is one of humanity’s most useful concepts for making sense of random chance and the (seemingly) unexplainable. If you find a $20 bill on the ground, you have good luck. If a gust of wind blows away your $20 bill just as you pull it out of your wallet, you have bad luck.

A four leaf clover sits picked on a white wood table. Someone must have good luck.
What role does luck play in our everyday lives? Do people actually have the power to make themselves lucky? [Kerdkanno |]
Around the New Year and Lunar New Year, luck rituals around the world are performed to bring in the good stuff and banish the bad stuff. But what role does luck play in our everyday lives? Do people actually have the power to make themselves lucky?

Richard Wiseman, who wrote a book about luck and is a psychology professor at University of Hertfordshire, said that he’s found there are such things as lucky and unlucky people.

“We worked with exceptionally lucky and unlucky people [in our research],” he said. “There are huge differences in their lives.”