WOUB Senior Spotlight: Emma Dollenmayer

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Emma Dollenmayer will start as a multimedia journalist/reporter at WECT in Wilmington, North Carolina, after graduating

Emma Dollenmayer is a journalism news and information major at Ohio University and is a reporter, anchor, and producer for WOUB’s NewsWatch. As a high school student, she was the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, and that experience convinced her that she wanted to pursue journalism as a career.

Dollenmayer’s passion for writing began early on. She loved to read and write, and when she was a freshman in high school, she told her mother that she wanted to be a novelist. Her mother suggested that she explore journalism.

“I literally was like, ‘What is journalism?’ She was like, ‘It’s the news,’” Dollenmayer said. “I had always been interested in current events and writing about what was going on around me. I think I am naturally curious, too. I am always asking questions.”

Dollenmayer started her journey in print journalism spending most of her college years at Ohio University’s student newspaper, The Post, where she wrote about lifestyle and fashion. An internship at KNBC in Los Angeles, California, opened her mind to the broadcast side of journalism.

“I love broadcast news. I like that it’s fast-paced and that every day is something new,” Dollenmayer said.

While at KNBC, Dollenmayer was mainly producing newscasts and found a passion for it. But, after careful consideration, she decided she wanted to be a multimedia journalist/reporter. When she returned to Athens, she got involved with WOUB to gain more experience.

“I really enjoy that at WOUB I get to piece all my stories together and really be the sole storyteller of a certain story, while getting out into the community,” Dollenmayer said.

Dollenmayer is grateful for her time at WOUB. Although she wishes she had started earlier, she has learned a lot in just a few months.

“WOUB taught me how to produce, how to put a story together, how to seek out stories, how to use your voice to command an audience, and just really everything,” she said. “All of the skill sets and foundation of what it means to be a reporter, I wouldn’t have gotten without WOUB.”

While she still has a few months left at Ohio University, Dollenmayer has already accepted a job that she will start after graduation. Dollenmayer will be an on-air multimedia journalist/reporter at WECT in Wilmington, North Carolina. Outside of journalism, she likes to read, go to the movie theater, and try new foods.