WOUB Senior Spotlight: Lexi Lepof

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Lexi Lepof has accepted a position as a multimedia journalist in Knoxville, Tennessee

Lexi Lepof, an Ohio University student studying journalism news and information, initially thought she wanted to be a sports reporter because of her love for sports–especially for the Cincinnati Bengals. Through WOUB, she was able to try that out. But, during the pandemic, when all sports stopped, Lepof found a passion for news reporting.

“The stories that I did helped people and helped change happen in the government,” said Lepof. “That experience made me realize that news was something I want to do.”

Lepof’s dad and grandma went to Ohio University, making her a third-generation Bobcat. But she didn’t only come to Athens because of her family connections, she felt at home at Ohio University.

“Before I got to visit Ohio University, there was no college that I really loved,” said Lepof. “But when I visited, I fell in love with the campus. I think it’s so beautiful.”

Lepof’s interest in news reporting grew after taking journalism classes, but what truly solidified her decision to pursue a career in news was her summer internship at WOUB. Being able to work as a news reporter every day helped Lepof gain valuable experience, which then helped her get another internship with NBC’s TODAY in New York City.

“It was really great, not only for my professional development but for making a lot of amazing connections,” said Lepof. “To pack up and move to New York all by myself and take on a really big journey at a huge company helped me personally.”

After graduation, Lepof will be a multimedia journalist at WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee, which is owned by Gray Television. WOUB’s Job Connection Program connects students with recruiters from companies like Gray. The recruiters come to campus twice a year to interview students for internships and full-time jobs.

“Over the past two years I’ve gained connections with the Gray Television recruiters, which definitely helped me get my job in Knoxville since Gray knew who I was,” said Lepof.

Lepof also found the experience she received at WOUB helped her get interviews and offers from other news stations. Since students are doing professional journalism work at WOUB, Lepof had a lot to show on her news reporting demo reel.

“I’ve had news directors reach out to me and not realize I was still in college. I think having real experience that replicates already having a full-time news job allowed me to go to Knoxville, which typically isn’t a starter television market.”

Outside of journalism, Lepof enjoys cheering for the Cincinnati Bengals, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and dancing.