Vinton County’s 24-Year Conference Title Drought Ends

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NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) – The Vinton County Vikings voyaged to Nelsonville in hopes of clinching a share of the TVC-Ohio conference title.  

The Vikings wasted no time, of their own that is. Vinton County won the coin toss and decided to receive the ball at the start of the first half. The Vikings then ate eight minutes off the clock. They were able to reach redzone, but after a failed quarterback sneak on fourth and five, the Buckeyes took over.

Once Nelsonville-York got the ball, they tried to go on a drive, but Vinton County’s defense was lock down. The first quarter came and faded away without score. 

Lane Haybron scored the first points of the game with 20 seconds left in the second quarter. The Buckeyes got the ball back in their hands, but it was stripped away soon after by Viking Matt Hembree. Going into halftime it was 7-0 Vinton County.  

The Vikings have proved themselves to be a second half team in previous games, and this one was no different.

Their defense created opportunities for their offense all night long. Hembree got his second pick of the night early in the third quarter, which lead to a field goal attempt.

The Nelsonville-York defense stepped up however and blocked the kick.  

Vinton County was able to eat at more clock in the next possession, but Nelsonville was hungry to score. Gavin Richards turned the Buckeyes’ zero into six.

The PAT tied the two teams at 7-7.  

The Vikings regained the lead in the third quarter with a Parker Shonborn touchdown. Vinton County up 13-7. 

The two teams continued to battle in the fourth, but neither the Vikings nor the Buckeyes were able to make it to the endzone again.  

Vinton county won the game 13-7, as well as a share of the TVC-Ohio conference title. The last time the Vikings won even a piece of the conference title was back in 1999. The team, coaches, and crowd couldn’t have been more excited.

There were hugs, hollers, and tears on Boston Field, after a game the players and town will not soon forget.  

Nelsonville-York will play at Athens next week, and Vinton County will play Wellston at home.

If the Vikings can win their last regular season game against the Golden Rockets, they’ll win the TVC-Ohio outright.