Tornadoes tear through Colts in offensive blowout

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio (WOUB)- The West Muskingum Tornadoes obliterated the Meadowbrook Colts and swept the victory for their senior night.  

West Muskingum started off this game with an 8-1 record and welcomed Meadowbrook, who had a 4-5 record. The Colts needed this win and then some to help themselves make the playoffs. 

To start off the night, the Tornadoes kicked off the ball. The crowd would not have to wait long for West Muskingum to see the endzone for the first of many touchdowns. With 5:33 left in the first quarter, wide receiver Rashid Sesay stormed the ball into the endzone. Following that touchdown, kicker Silas Kuhn sent the ball right where it needed to be. The Colts were no match for the Tornadoes. In less than 30 seconds, West Muskingum was back in the endzone with Sesay scoring the second touchdown of the night.  

This was a big night for Sesay, as he set the new Muskingum Valley League record for touchdowns in a single season. You might think that he would stop there, but number three was not done yet. With fire on his feet and the endzone on his mind, Rashid ran the ball and scored yet again for the Tornadoes. Ending the first quarter with a score of 21-0.  

Starting off the second quarter strong, there was a huge stand by the Tornado defense on fourth and three at their own 11. The West Muskingum offense had the ball and the chance to go up by four touchdowns. It was not long until quarterback Jake Anton ran a 76-yard touchdown into the endzone. This kid is lightning quick. With six minutes and two seconds left a running clock was started. Right before the clock ran out, Sesay passed the ball to tight end Keegan Karns who ran a 12-yard touchdown in. This concluded the first half with a score of 42-0. 

 The Colts were heated going into the second half. They tried to put up a good fight, but it was no match for the storm that West Muskingum had conjured up. After a couple minutes of back and forth play, running back Carter Winland breezed the ball into the endzone for another West Muskingum touchdown. Near the end of the third quarter, Anton intercepted the ball on his own two. Ending the third quarter 49-0. 

With yet another back and forth quarter, the Colts have yet to have seen the endzone. However, they were able to get a safety which brought the score to 49-2. The Colts were not going to let the game end without seeing the endzone at least once. With 2:02 left in the fourth quarter running back Daylin Rivera stampeded the end zone and scored the first touchdown for Meadowbrook. While this was a ray of light for the Colts in the mighty storm the Tornadoes created, this light would soon diminish when the clock ran out. The game concluded with a score of 49-10 for a West Muskingum win.  

The Tornadoes finish the season 9-1 and are outright MVL Small School Champs.