Here are the unofficial 2023 General Election results for Gallia County

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GALLIA COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – Here are the unofficial results for contested races and local issues in Gallia County.

Michael C. Fulks and Michael W. Brown earned positions in the Gallipolis City Commission, with 43.95% and 31.75% of the vote. Arun Sharma earned 24.30% of the vote.

Gene Allen Hall earned a position as Centerville mayor, with 51.67% of the vote. Keith A. Davies earned 48.33% of the vote.

Matt Easter earned a position as Rio Grande mayor, with 88.65% of the vote. Bill Wells earned 11.35% of the vote.

Sherman Marcum II earned a position as Vinton mayor, with 54.22% of the vote. Joshua B. Whealdon earned 45.78% of the vote.

Kelley Fellure earned a position as Addison Township trustee, with 56.42% of the vote. Mike Blaine earned 43.58% of the vote.

Joseph D. Roush earned a position as Cheshire Township trustee, with 37.80% of the vote. Joshua Handley earned 37.01% of the vote. Jacob W. Edwards earned 25.20% of the vote.

Wanda K. Waugh earned a position as Clay Township fiscal officer, with 35.02% of the vote. Caleb G. Campbell earned 33.26% of the vote. Bradie Angell Lewis earned 19.60% of the vote. Carla Daniels earned 12.11% of the vote.

Dave Snyder earned a position as Gallipolis Township trustee, with 51.27% of the vote. Ronnie Carmichael earned 48.73% of the vote.

Randall L. Hammond earned a position as Greenfield Township trustee, with 82.54% of the vote. Charles E. Cox Jr. earned 17.46% of the vote.

Cheryl L. Ruff earned a position as fiscal officer, with 60.7% of the vote. Kelly S. McGuire earned 39.23% of the vote.

David W. Pope earned a position as Walnut Township Trustee, with 59.65% of the vote. Shawn Lee Meyers earned 27.63% of the vote. David L. Owens earned 12.72% of the vote.

Mark Hall earned a position on the Fairland Local School Board, with 28.99% of the vote. Robyn Chapman also earned a position on the school board, with 26.81% of the vote. Jason Gordy earned 25.36% of the vote. Tony D. Black II earned 18.84% of the vote.

Larry Carter earned a position on Gallia Local School Board, with 27.04% of the vote. Terry Halley also earned a position on the school board, with 24.93% of the vote. Beth James earned 21.35% of the vote. Sheri Marcum earned 18.32% of the vote. Mickey Browning earned 8.35% of the vote.

Adam Corn earned a position on the Symmes Valley Local School Board, with 38.82% of the vote. Timmy Hayes also earned a position on the school board, with 24.71% of the vote. [candidate’s party] S. Kent Wells earned 18.82% of the vote. Montana Runnels earned 17.65% of the vote.

Voters in Gallipolis approved a fire tax levy by a vote of 490 to 287.

Voters in Clay Township approved a fire tax levy by a vote of 319 to 136.

Voters in Racoon Township approved a fire tax levy by a vote of 440 to 130.

Voters in Walnut Township approved a fire tax levy by a vote of 138 to 92.

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