Here are the unofficial 2023 General Election results for Noble County

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NOBLE COUNTY, Ohio (WOUB) – Here are the unofficial results for contested races and local issues in Noble County.

Shane Rucker earned a position as Member of Caldwell Village Council with 41.19% of the vote. Jeffery D. Minosky earned 40.68% of the vote. Delilah Hopkins earned 18.14% of the vote.

Dean Cowgill earned a position as Center Township Trustee with 46.43% of the vote. Nathan D. Trescott earned 31.90% of the vote. Sean Piskula earned 21.67% of the vote.

Timothy G. Harriman earned a position as Elk Township Trustee with 49.50%% of the vote. James J. Smithberger, Sr. earned 38.61% of the vote. Nathan Love earned 11.88% of the vote.

David D. Clark earned a position as Enoch Township Trustee with 68.02% of the vote. John Fogle earned 31.98% of the vote.

Derrike Stack earned a position as Jackson Township Trustee with 52.80% of the vote. Hubert Dewaine Linger earned 47.20% of the vote.

Earl Pickenpaugh earned a position as Olive Township Trustee with 54.67% of the vote. Jason Ramage earned 45.33% of the vote.

John Byer earned a position as Sharon Township Trustee with 53.74% of the vote. Duane E. Parcell earned 46.26% of the vote.

Sharon Bettinger earned a position as Sharon Township Fiscal Officer with 50.34% of the vote. Angel D. Cain earned 49.66% of the vote.

Randy Lowe earned a position as Member of Caldwell EVSD Board of Education with 32.70% of the vote, along with Justin Seebach who earned 28.27% of the vote. Denitra Warner earned 19.64% of the vote. Donna Fogle earned 19.39% of the vote.

Scott A. Sills earned a position as Member of Noble LSD Board of Education with 18.98% of the vote and is joined by Constance Archer, who earned 16.48% of the vote and Dana Hill, who earned 15.42% of the vote. James H. Parks, III earned 15.38% of the vote. Guy M. Carpenter earned 14.67% of the vote. Lori McElroy earned 12.88% of the vote. Frank Miller earned 6.20% of the vote.

Voters in Seneca Township approved a Cemetery Maintenance Renewal Levy – 0.5 mills, 5 years by a vote of 114 to 54.

Voters in Noble County approved Mental Health Services Renewal Levy – 0.7 mill, 10 years with 68.91% of voters casting ballots in favor.

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