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WOUB Senior Spotlight: Payton Brooker

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By Kae Walther

ATHENS, OH – Payton Brooker is a man with a sports mission. The journalism news and information major will also earn a minor in sports management when he crosses the graduation stage this spring. Brooker is open to whatever job opportunity comes his way as long as it’s connected to sports.

“I’m interested in working anywhere I can get my foot in the door.”

Originally from Marrietta, Ohio, Brooker says Ohio University’s size, outstanding journalism program and close to home location made his choice for an undergraduate program a “no brainer.”

“They (Ohio University) did a lot more than other universities for me and offered many more connections. The location was perfect. The major was great. It was exactly what I wanted to do. It was just a perfect fit.”

When Brooker was in high school, he watched WOUB’s high school football program, Gridiron Glory, from home. Once he came to Athens, he got involved with the program quickly and was accepted immediately by his peers.

“My favorite thing to cover has been my local high school (Fort Frye),” Brooker admits. “With Gridiron Glory, I kind of introduced them to my school and they started to cover my high school more extensively.” Brooker loves that he became one of the main members of the Gridiron Glory team to cover his high school last fall.

As an avid sports lover, Brooker says that he was happy to be involved with Gridiron Glory, Hardwood Heroes and The Bobcat Sports Showcase as well as sports anchoring on NewsWatch. Brooker is now taking advantage of every opportunity before he graduates to get “more reps” on camera which he says is crucial to finding a job.

During his time at WOUB, Brooker says that he participated in the WOUB Job Connection Program, where media recruiters come to campus twice a year to interview students for jobs and internships. He says the interviews helped him with the job application process and making connections in the industry. “WOUB always wants [the students] to be successful wherever we go.”

Outside of WOUB, Brooker says that he has really enjoyed going to the Ohio University football and basketball games with his friends. Brooker also says his fellow students at WOUB are a tight knit group, and these people have become some of his closest friends.