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Mike Fink

Genre Lessons

Grades 3-4
Grades 5-7



Extension Activities

Genre • Online Resources

Ohio Instructional Management System

“Genre Study,” Grade Three

  • Students develop an understanding of genre by participating in small- and whole-group activities.

Ohio Resource Center • Reading

  • Scroll to the box that says "I know the ORC resource I want to see," enter the ORC Lesson number, and click "View Resource".

“Using Snowflake Bentley as a Framing Text for Multigenre Writing,” Grades 3-4

  • ORC Lesson# 4461
  • Snowflake Bentley, a Caldecott Medal-winning book about Wilson Bentley, is an example of a multigenre picture book. Along with the biographical text are large, colorful woodcuts and sidebars describing Bentley's experiments with microphotography and other biographical data.

“Found Poems/Parallel Poems,” Grades 6-7

  • ORC Lesson# 1353
  • Learning to recast the text they are reading in a different genre helps make students more insightful readers and helps develop creativity in thinking and writing. This lesson requires students to construct poems using key ideas and phrases from a short story or novel.

Mike Fink Episode • Follow-up Activities

  • Research factual details mentioned in the episode:
    • When did the real Mike Fink live?
    • How long were keelboats used on American rivers?
    • Compare and contrasts keelboats and flatboats.
    • Learn more about river pirates on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in early America
  • Identify figurative language in the episode: Examples might include:
    • [Fink] could make the boat go so fast that he beat others in a race by traveling through time.
    • [Fink] could unload all the cargo with one hand while eating a dozen pies with the other.
    • [Fink] poled the keelboat so hard that he would lift it right out of the water and land it on shore.
    • whale of a wingding