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In this May 29, 2013 photo, a Eucharistic Minister serves communion during Mass at a Catholic church in Caracas, Venezuela. Church officials say food shortages and foreign exchange restrictions are causing a lack of ingredients needed to celebrate Mass: altar wine as well as wheat to produce communion wafers. Economists say the shortages stem from the socialist government’s controls on the prices of some goods and on foreign currency, which makes it hard for producers to pay for things they need to import. President Nicolas Maduro blames the shortages on hoarding and says anti-government forces are trying to destabilize the country.

Local Catholic Churches Directed to Suspend Handshakes, Distribution of Wine

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STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WOUB) — The Diocese of Steubenville is asking churches to suspend distributing wine during the Eucharist and allowing handshakes during the sign of peace for public health reasons. This diocese serves 13 counties in southeastern Ohio. Bishop Jeffrey Monforton, the leader of the diocese, posted an announcement to its website last week. Monforton… Read More