Ross County Prosecutor In Support Of Cyber Fraud Legislation

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Ross County's Prosecutor is supporting the Ohio Attorney General in his call for tougher laws against cyber fraud.

Attorney General Mike DeWine held a news conference today with Ross County Prosecutor Matthew Schmidt on hand.

According to a press release, a new cyber fraud proposal will give the Attorney General's Office the authority to investigate cyber fraud and prepare cases for local prosecution.

"This bill will give us subpoena power. It will give us the power to compel testimony, bring some people in, put them under oath, and ask them questions. That will enable us to do a much better job in going after these really hard criminals," says DeWine.

Cyber fraud is when people suffer from theft or scams online.

In 2010, about 7,300 Ohioans reported being victims of cyber fraud, costing more than 10 million dollars.

"What we hope to achieve is to get the word out among these scam artists that if they want to do business, Ohio is not a friendly place for them to do business in," says DeWine.

Delaware County Prosecutor Carol O'Brien was also at the press conference in support of the proposal.