Labor Movement May Have Begun In Southeast Ohio

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Labor unions in Ohio are grabbing the headlines right now, as they fight for a repeal of a bill that strips government employees of collective bargaining rights and historically southeast Ohio has a big connection to the fight for worker's rights.

The Executive Director of the Athens County Historical Society Museum says that the United Mine Workers of America may have be born in southeastern Ohio.

Ron Luce says if we look back at our history we could solve the political problems we currently face.

"So many of the issues we see going on right now today, right here in Ohio and in Wisconsin and in other places in the country dealing with labor problems, are things that have been dealt with before and they keep coming back around as if we haven't really learned from history," says Luce.

Luce says the Athens County Historical Society Museum has several pictures and artifacts that detail the early history of labor unions in the region.

To learn more about the exhibit and labor union history visit the Historical Society Museum on North Court Street or call 592-2280.