Students Weigh Shopping Option In Athens

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Twice a year, a company from Rhode Island comes to Ohio University to sell main brand clothes at 50 to 70 percent off.

“I thought it was a good opportunity for students like me to get some main brand clothes, since there really isn’t any shopping around Athens,” Katie Derr said, a shopper at the sale.

This offer only lasted two days in the fall quarter; the next sale will be in spring.

As a college town, Athens does not have many opportunities for shoppers. Here are some pros and cons of different ways to buy clothes.

Shopping in town

Pro: There are a few smaller clothing stores in town. Many of them sell vintage clothes or clothing from smaller manufacturers. Shoppers can find unique items there.

Con: Smaller stores also have fewer choices. If you are looking for name brands, those are harder to find Athens or may not be available.

Shopping online

Pro: Shopping online gives you the opportunity to look for clothes whenever you have time. Some websites offer good deals to save money.

Con: You cannot try on the clothes until they are delivered. If the clothes don’t fit or if you don’t like them, it takes extra effort to send them back. Plus, getting them shipped often includes shipping fees and waiting time.

Going to the nearest mall

Pro: Malls usually have a lot of popular stores. You will find many choices and the latest fashion there. They regularly have special offers. If you are lucky, you can get your favorite items for less.

Con: The nearest mall is about an hour away. This means you will probably need half a day for your shopping spree. If you only need one item, going to a mall may not be the best way. You need a car to go to there, which means additional costs for gas.