Man Died In Lawrence County Jail Due To Drug Overdose

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An overdose of oxycodone has been confirmed as the reason for a Lawrence County man's death at the county jail in October.

Timothy Conwell was found dead in the Lawrence County Jail on the morning of Saturday, October 15.

He was arrested at the Comfort Inn in South Point on an intoxication charge the night before.

According to Sheriff Jeff Lawless, when Conwell was taken to the Lawrence County Jail, bottles of Oxycotin and Xanax were found on him.

Lawless also says he showed no signs of being close to death at the time of his arrest.

"Throughout the evening, he continued to converse with officers. Throughout the evening, he does at some point fall asleep in the tank and there are at least two other inmates in the tank with him," says Lawless. "They complained through a period of time there that Mr. Conwell's snoring was keeping them awake."

Conwell was to begin an eight year sentence on a drug conviction on Monday, October 17.