Local Attorney Scours State Fracking Records

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As the debate over fracking continues, concerns are being raised about whether an injection well in Athens County's Rome Township violates its permit by allowing large amounts of fracking waste.  

Local resident Don Wirtshafter – who's an attorney – spent three hours in Columbus yesterday searching through state records.  
Wirtshafter says he wasn't surprised by what he found: the well near his home hasn't been tested for fracking waste for several years, and has previous violations that weren't addressed.  
The next item on his agenda is making a formal complaint to the State Division of Mineral Resources before the problem becomes more serious.  
"This is hazardous stuff.  Whether it's true hazardous waste, or it's fracking water or whatever, this contains chemicals that we don't want in our drinking water, but they're pouring it onto our land in massive quantities right now.  And if we don't do something to slow this down and control it, we are not gonna have drinking water in this neighborhood," said Wirtshafter.
Wirtshafter says it's important for people to protect themselves and know exactly what affects their land.  The owner of the Athens County injection well could not be reached for comment.