Club Sports Gives Meeting A Twist

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The Club Sports Leadership Development Workshop Series, or LDWS, meeting was held Tuesday night at Ping Recreational Center.

Each quarter members of every club team attend the required meeting in order to learn and apply leadership skills for their team. This was the first LDWS meeting held at the Ping center, and was far different than any other meeting held before.

In the past, the meetings were held in a classroom lecture hall where guest speakers were asked to present on their ideas and knowledge of leadership.

This time, team members were asked to get up and move to kick boxing and strength training routines held by members of the Ping staff. Throughout the whole room, members of different teams could be seen dancing and moving together for the entire duration of the meeting.

Cleo Stoll, a Club Sports supervisor, explained why the set up was so different.

“With the old set up people would never pay attention. We could just see their eyes glazing over."

Based off the positive reactions from the teammates, Stoll hopes to continue holding the LDWS meetings at Ping.