Lang Says Court Motion “Ridiculous”

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"This motion is ridiculous," is the reaction of Athens City Law Director Pat Lang to a contempt of court request against the city.

Three Wide Entertainment asked for the order, claiming the city has not complied with a court ruling on the company's plan for a strip club.

Lang says Three Wide had asked for "three different" city use permits and they are entitled to only one.

Lang says the other issue in the latest court action by Three Wide "involves their apparent unwillingness to submit proof of their state building permit."

He says this proof "is a precondition for literally every new commercial development in the city."

Lang goes on to say that Judge Alan Goldsberry's ruling does not exempt Three Wide from having to comply with other areas of the law.  

Judge Goldsberry will have a chance to settle these latest issues after both sides present their legal briefs and perhaps make arguments at a hearing.