Lancaster City Schools Putting Building Issue On Ballot For Second Time

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Lancaster City Schools is asking for a 37 year, 4.1 mill bond issue in next week's primary election.

If passed, the money generated will go into constructing five new elementary school buildings, replacing the current eight.

Superintendent Rob Walker says the school district is asking for the money in order to make necessary improvements to the community. "The average age of our elementary buildings is over 62 years of age; South Elementary is 83 years of age," He says. "So we've got some very aging buildings and what we're trying to emphasize to the community is the real value."

Walker says if the issue doesn't pass, the district will use general funding to maintain the existing buildings. "At that point, we'll continue what we've been doing which is offering a great education, but we're informing the public that at some point, we have to talk about building new buildings and addressing the again buildings that we have," He says.

Walker stresses that this being a bond issue is different than being a levy in that none of the money will be used on wages or operating expenses.

The issue will be on the March 6th ballot.

Voters rejected the issue in November.

It failed with 58 percent voting no and 42 percent voting yes.