Scioto County Man Sentenced For Murder

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A Scioto County man has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the September 2011 murder of a local man. 

Sam C. Jordan, 46, of McDermott pleaded guilty yesterday to the murder of Kenneth Layne, 46, of McDermott and avoided a trial by jury set for Monday. 

On Sept. 6, 2011, Sheriff's deputies responded to Layne's residence on Rose Alley. Layne's body was found slumped on the floor with multiple stab and incision wounds. 

"The Montgomery County Coroner's Office reported 100 stab and incision wounds on Mr. Layne's body," Assistant Prosecutor Pat Apel said. "The Coroner said that Mr. Layne's carotid artery and his jugular vein were both severed. He also received several brutal wounds to the back of the head. He probably died within a couple of minutes of receiving the wounds."

Crime scene examination by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification revealed that the blood pools and blood spatter were localized around the sofa where Layne lay, indicating that there was not much of a struggle.

A blood trail from Layne's body to the back door of the residence was positive for Jordan's DNA. Jordan had several cuts on his hands when he was arrested three days later. The murder weapon was not recovered.

Layne and Jordan had reportedly been friends for many years but had fallen out recently.

Jordan has served a prior prison sentence for attempted felonious assault.