Enrollment At Ohio University Is On The Rise

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Ohio University is expecting an improvement in their freshman class in the next few years.

Craig Cornell, vice provost for Enrollment, said the average ACT score for incoming freshman is up to 24 from last year.

"When you have that kind of pool, it kind a plays out through the whole process," said Cornell.

Cornell explains his department expanded the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan marketing and recruiting last year, causing a large increase in freshman class applicants.

Cornell said there was a 30 percent increase in applicants for the 2012 school year, raising the total number to 17,485.

"We're up in the freshman class, but we're actually down because we had a 17 percent increase in bachelor completion degrees as a result of the quarters to semesters conversion, and so we had a lot more students graduate last year.  We knew that would happen, so when you look at overall capacity issues we're still fine," said Cornell.

Cornell said the growth in this freshman class was unique because the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan focused on new markets.