College Students Face Tough Voting Decision

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Early voting has started and Ohio University students face a tough decision.

The students are forced to decide if they want to vote absentee for their hometown candidates and issues – or vote here in Athens.

The chair of the Athens County Republican Party Pete Couladis says students aren't aware of the local elections and levies.

"I think a lot of it is just manipulation of the student voters to get them blindly just to show up and say you know if you're going to vote for president go vote now and then they're going to go and look at all these other names, these other races, tax levies, do they know anything about the tax levies and how to make an educated responsible vote?" says Couladis.

While the Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Hecht says students should vote in Athens but it doesn't change the Athens results much.

"It's more to our advantage than it is to the republican party and that's just the make up of athens county and the students add to that but its already like that," says Hecht.