Eat A Flip Flop!

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Need a recipe for some fun on hot summer days? How about some cute flip flops for your next family gathering. This cute dessert is easy to make and will entertain both kids and adults.


1 crispy marshmallow bar (1.4 oz, 4×2 inches)

Colored candy sprinkles

1 roll Betty Crocker® Fruit Roll-Ups chewy fruit flavored snack

2 Betty Crocker® Fruit Gushers® fruit flavored snacks

•          Cut marshmallow bar in half horizontally. Round corners and trim each into flip flop shape. Immediately press candy sprinkles onto cut sides of each flip flop.

•          Unroll Fruit Roll-Ups fruit flavored snack; remove paper. With kitchen scissors, cut 2 strips, 4×3/4 inch each, from fruit flavored snack roll. Fold each strip in half, forming V shape. Press on bars to make flip flop straps. Place Fruit Gushers fruit flavored snack at tip of each V shape.

Courtesy of www.bettycrocker.com