Fun (and tasty) Halloween Recipes

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Halloween – one of my favorite holidays. There’s something special about the cooler days, fallen leaves and kids in costumes. These days will be gone soon and we’ll be up to our ears in turkey and Christmas music so take the opportunity while you can to try some great fall recipes. PBS’ Food Blog has a lot of recipes for every occasion. Here’s six easy, and festive fall recipes provided by PBS Food.

Halloween Monster Cupcakes



These are just too cute! Simple, store-bought ingredients that will make it look like you’ve spent forever working on them.



Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins


There’s something special about combining pumpkin and cream cheese.  Here’s a simple recipe that’ll combine spices you’ll probably have in the cabinet, and will cook in less than 25 minutes.



Jill’s Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Ever wonder what to do with those pumpkin seeds when you’re done making a jack-o-lantern? Here’s a recipe that doesn’t use added oil or butter and is vegetarian.


Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars


What’s better than pumpkin? Chocolate and pumpkin, mixed with cheesecake! This recipe will blend them all into a interesting combination.



Sweet Potato and Apple Soup           



People are always looking for a new recipe for sweet potatoes, but they probably wouldn’t think of this one on their own. A nice soup to keep you warm as the temperatures continue to drop.


 Candy Corn Cookies


You can’t be more festive than this! A little bit of food coloring and a basic recipe and you will have these cute cookies in the shape of candy corn.