Activism in Egypt and Lebanon

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Abijit Mali and Priyanka Silmi sit down with Nihal Hatem Ezz  and Reda Hassan to discuss their backgrounds from Egypt and Lebanon.

Nihal..'s research background is at Cairo University, where she then went on to work at a media agency for 8 months until she received a fellowship opportunity to study at Ohio University in their Communication and Development program. Her research is on the Egyptian uprising, women and street harassment, and using media as a developmental tool.

Hassan's background is in public relations and advertising in the city of Beirut, Lebanon. Hassan originally used his research in communications to work at a corporate media consulting company, but his interests in nonprofit organizations as well as a scholarship to attend the Communications and Development program led him to his studies in Athens, Ohio.

Global issues such as immigrant refugees, a woman's issue of street harassment, and the use of media as a way to harbor discussion in Middle Eastern conflict are covered in this enlightening conversation about conflict in Egypt and Lebanon.