Fairland, South Point School Boards Chosen

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For full election results, visit WOUB's election tracker.

Unofficial election results for Lawrence County are in.

Out of the 10 candidates running for the four spots on South Point Village Council Mary Cogan, David Moore, Eric Rawlins, and Christopher R. Smith are the unofficial winners. Cogan received 459 votes, Moore received 426 votes, Rawlins received 588 votes and Smith received 526 votes.

Incumbent Jamie Murphy is in front in the Dawson Bryant School District race with a total of 987 votes. Incumbent Debbie Drummond and Brandy R. Harrison are also unofficial winners. Drummond received 705 votes while Harrison received 696 votes.

In the Fairland School District race, all of the unofficial winners are incumbent Republicans. With a total of 1,124 votes (16.93%) results show Matt Ward taking the lead. Gary L. Sowards Jr. received a total of 1,067 votes (22.81%) and Martin L Appleton followed up with 1,062 votes (22.71%).

Jack Nuckols and Jan Keatley are the unofficial winners of the South Point School District Race. Nuckols received 921 votes (26.19%) and Keatley received 912 votes (25.93%).

Finally, in the race for Symmes Valley School District, Incumbent Hope Rowe is taking the lead with 813 votes (25.49%). Incumbent Tommy Shepherd followed up with 737 votes (23.11%) while incumbent Chris Thompson received 678 votes (15.62%).