Zanesville Man Drives Cross-Country Rescuing Dogs

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Every two weeks, an Ohio man drives 4,200 miles to save unwanted dogs from overpopulated shelters in the South and takes them to loving homes in the northeastern United States.

Greg Mahle begins the five-day journey in his Zanesville hometown in eastern Ohio and drives down to Houston in a semitrailer.

He picks up about 80 dogs there and at Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee stops

Mahle takes the dogs to pre-arranged homes in states including Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Vermont.

Mahle tells the Zanesville Times Recorder that he and his Rescue Road Trips company save about 2,000 dogs from euthanasia each year.

Mahle says the $185 fee he charges for a dog is enough to make a living but requires him to keep a shoestring budget.