Two OU Grads Walk Across Country with Dogs

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A husband and wife with ties to southeast Ohio are making their way through our part of the state.

They're walking across the country with their two dogs.

Max and Grace are both therapy dogs, a cause John and Kait Seyal are passionate about.

"We got them certified to do therapy work," said John Seyal. "So we can take them into hospitals, nursing homes, children's homes, and basically, provide people with comfort. It's unconditional love, and it's a simple thing, but it does wonders for people."

The Seyals make stops for dog therapy along the way.

They adopted their dogs in McArthur after graduating in 2009 from Ohio University.

The Seyals say the walk is a way for them to bond and figure out their next steps.

"Things happen really quickly after you graduate," said Kait Seyal. "You know, you get the job, you get married, you get the house, you start having kids. Everything happens so quickly, and we wanted a time out to be able to think about what we were doing, why we were doing it, and what our next steps were."

They crossed into Ohio a week ago. They were passing through Nelsonville Thursday on their way to Logan and Lancaster. John uses his smartphone to map out the route as they go.

They warn others not to get lost in life's details.

"We want to inspire people to chase what they think is important," said Kait Seyall It's really, really easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day jobs and paying the bills and just daily struggles to get by."    

But for now, the Seyals are just taking it one step at a time.