Student Senate Will Now Hold Bi-Weekly Meetings

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Ohio University's Student Senate passed a resolution changing the schedule for the rest of the semester.

General Body meetings will now take place every two weeks. When the general body does not meet on Wednesday nights, "Academic Association Meetings" will take place at the original scheduled time.

It is a chance for students to meet and talk with the senator of their college.

Caitlyn McDaniel, the Vice President of Student Senate, thinks the new resolution will be beneficial in addressing issues and concerns at the developmental level. Students will attend different meetings depending on the school or department they are in at different locations on Wednesday nights.

"It's a way for senators to get in a room with all of the people that elected them, and to say like, hey let's talk about this issue in a really informal setting, and let's just have a discussion about it" said McDaniel.

The first Academic Association Meeting will be held Wednesday night.

A list of locations for each meeting is online at