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Police Chief: No Charges Expected In Shooting That Left Two Dead

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JACKSON – A woman is recovering in a Charleston hospital and is not expected to be charged in connection with a shooting that occurred Monday, according to officials.

Emily J. Adkins was the only person to survive a shooting early Monday morning at a residence on Ohio Avenue, in which her boyfriend was killed by another man, who was eventually shot by Adkins, according to Jackson Police Chief Carl Eisnaugle.

A call to 911 reporting screaming and shots fired led Jackson police officers to 133 Ohio Avenue, where they found one man, later identified as David W. Hoover, 54, dead in front of the house. Paul M. Christian, 52, was found dead inside the house, along with the injured Adkins. A two-year-old child, identified as Adkins’ daughter, was in the home at the time, but in another room separated from the shooting, Eisnaugle said.

Adkins was taken to Holzer Medical Center in Jackson, then transported to a Charleston hospital, where she was taken into surgery. Eisnaugle said Adkins was conscious after surgery and was interviewed by police as soon as possible.

“She gave the story we expected,” he told WOUB in a phone interview on Wednesday.

Investigators had initially said the incident was the result of a domestic dispute. Eisnaugle said according to their investigation and Adkins’ story, Christian had come to the home where Adkins and her boyfriend, Hoover, lived, and confronted the two. The dispute extended out onto the porch and Adkins retreated into the house.

“When (Christian) was done with (Hoover), he went into the house,” Eisnaugle said.

It wasn’t clear whether Adkins had gone into the house to retrieve a .380 semi-automatic or whether she’d had the gun already on her, but Eisnaugle said she used the gun on Christian, shooting him inside the home. Christian had brought the same type of gun with him, but exactly how Adkins had received a gunshot to the lower chest and upper abdomen wasn’t immediately clear.

Eisnaugle said Adkins’ actions were “absolutely” in self defense.

“In my opinion, no, there will be no charges,” Eisnaugle said.

Christian was wanted for a previous indictment on charges of sexual battery, aggravated robbery and abduction, according to Eisnaugle and court records. Court records show a warrant was issued in Jackson County Common Pleas Court, but no record of service of the warrant, which would have been executed by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, is shown.

Eisnaugle confirmed that the charges were related to an incident with Adkins and her daughter. The chief said it was his understanding that Christian had “raised” Adkins during her childhood, but also that he was the father of Adkins’ child.

“I’m still not positive on the exact relationship between them,” Eisnaugle said.

Though no charges are expected from the police, the  investigation will be referred to the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney for consideration of charges, according to the police chief. The child is in the custody of a family member.