Hocking College Eliminates Another Job With Brown Firing

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A letter sent to former spokesperson Michael’s Brown attorney by Hocking College gave no reasons for his termination, but confirmed that an investigation into comments Brown previously made had concluded.

It also gave notice that another position at Hocking College has disappeared.

The letter, sent by Nicolette Dioguardi, general counsel for the college on Oct. 28, advised Brown’s attorney that the paid administrative leave for the Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Community Relations, ended at 5 p.m. on Oct. 28.

Hocking College President Betty Young sent the letter Friday evening to media representatives. She did not add any other comment along with the letter.

Brown’s leave began Sept. 10, after Brown made comments to media regarding a rape that was reported to have occurred on Hocking College’s campus.

Brown told WOUB that the investigation into the alleged crime was over, adding in an on-camera interview that there was “no arrest, no crime.”

He also told WOUB in a separate phone interview that fervor about the case had been “stirred by social media,” and reports about the case should have been taken “with a grain of salt.”

Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn told WOUB that the investigation is still ongoing into the alleged rape. During the initial investigation in September, Blackburn released a statement saying Brown’s comments on the case were “false.”

The Oct. 28 letter does not give a reason for his termination, but says that the position Brown held has been “terminated and eliminated.”

“Please have him, or you on his behalf, make arrangements with Human Resources to return keys or any other Hocking College Property,” Dioguardi wrote in the letter.

Dioguardi is also listed as the Vice President of Risk Management and the Human Resources Director in the letter.

The letter can be read in its entirety here: Michael Brown Letter – 10-28-2015