Kiser’s on Court Street Closes

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After little more than a year on Court Street, a local restaurant said they will close up shop to make way for a new business.

Kiser’s Barbeque expanded from its location in the Market On State to the former Quizno’s on Court Street in August 2014. As of Monday, though, they are handing the keys over to the Parkersburg-native owners of Franco’s Pizza.

“It wasn’t that we were losing money or doing badly,” said Kiser’s owner, Sean Kiser. “We were actually in there doing repair work and updates, and we were approached by some gentlemen who live in Parkersburg about wanting to open up a spot there.”

Kiser’s announced the closure in a Facebook post on Monday afternoon.

“In business, opportunities arise, sometimes out of the clear blue; as is what has occured for the Court St building,” according to the statement. “We were approached for an opportunity to exit our lease and decided it was a smart business move to do.”

The owners of Franco’s Pizza, a by-the-slice restaurant which has a location in the River Valley Mall in Lancaster, said they were always trying to bring their business to Athens.

“It was where we wanted to go,” said Marty Parsons, one of three owners of the business. “(The Kiser’s location is) really the perfect spot with the foot traffic. It’s like a little New York City there.”

The new business will bring recipes learned over 25 years at The Pizza Place in Parkersburg.

Kiser said the East State Street location will not be closing, but the menu will include items sold at the Court Street facility, like barbecue bowls. The closure isn’t seen as a negative by Kiser, but an opportunity to focus on the catering business.

But the idea of another location isn’t off the table.

“We’re always interested in trying to go where the business allows for it to go,” Kiser said.

Franco’s Pizza plans to move into the Court Street location by the beginning of February, and hopes to open by March.