“Peter and Wendy,” by J.M. Barrie (AUDIO)

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WOUB Public Media presents the unabridged audio drama, “Peter and Wendy,” by J.M Barrie, directed and narrated by Karen M. Chan, the classic tale of a boy who never wanted to grow up. With the talent of a large local cast of dedicated voice actors, as well as a team of Ohio University student sound effects producers, we bring this timeless story to life!

This audiobook uses the unabridged version of this story taken from the Project Gutenberg site. You can view or download the text here.

Also featured are two interviews, one with composer, Timothy S. Klugh, another with the main cast of the story, as well as Timothy’s entire score, “The Song of Neverland.”

Peter and Wendy

Peter & Wendy
By J.M. Barrie (James Matthew Barrie)
Narrated By:  Karen M. Chan

Christian T. Chan as Peter, Davis Bosley as Wendy & Joe Balding as Hook

Dedicated in memory of Lynn Sullivan

Executive Producer: Thomas S. Hodson
Coordinating Producer & Audio Effects Manager: Adam Rich
Associate Producers:  David Kurz, Tim Myers, Kyle Snyder, Mark Robinson & Mark Brewer
Audio & Sound Effects: Adam Rich, Mark Speer, Michael Benyaer, Ovis Means at Tipitina’s of Shreveport

MDIA 4860 Fall 2015
Daniel Aguirre, Jonathan Averbook, Christopher Dowell, Michael France, Lucas Hakes-Rodriguez, Alex Hash, Mariah Lung, Jonathan Mackall, James Newman, Cedric Simmons, and Kristin Weiss

Illustrator:  Kit DeBerrySong of Neverland Composer: Timothy S. Klugh
Tinker Bell & Crocodile Special Effects: Timothy S. Klugh
Peter Pan Lullaby Composer: Sharath Patel & Arranged by Lynn Sullivan with Lynn Sullivan on Keyboard
Home Sweet Home by H.R. Bishop/revision: Ricardo Boppre’
Key Board: Lynn Sullivan

Peter Pan:                                  Christian T. Chan
Wendy/Mermaid:                    Davis Bosley
Captain Hook:                          Joe Balding
Mrs. Darling:                            Karen M. Chan
Mr. Darling:                              Joe Balding
John:                                          Sam Witmer
Michael:                                    Orion Carter
Tinker Bell:                               Emily Prince
Nana:                                         Sylvia Abbott
Liza:                                           Carol Brown Ault
Jane:                                          Jane Adams
Smee:                                        Daniel Winters
Starkey:                                    Mason M. Taylor
Noodler:                                  Atish Baidya
Mullins:                                   Cecilia Rinaldi
Cecco:                                      Kevin Vaught
Cookson:                                 Curtis Chan
Jukes:                                      David Whealey
Other Pirates:                        Dean Baker
Gary Molina
Joe Balding
Lost Boys:
Slightly:                                 Dayton Willison
Curly:                                     Zach Riefler
Twins:                                    Adeel Koshal
Tootles:                                 Isaac Smith
Nibs:                                      Cody Bonds

Other Lost Boys:

Ike Reisbeck
Ben Molina
Noah Molina
Thad Roediger


Carolyn Lewis
Ruth Borovicka
Joe Balding
Cecilia Rinaldi
David Kurz

Mr. Darling’s Crowd:

Atish Baidya
Adam Rich
Mark Clavin
John H. Noble
Tiger Lilly:
Akiko Chan

Cecilia Rinaldi
Kit DeBerry
Coleen Stidham
Carol Brown Ault
Ruth Borovicka
Neverland Bird:
Robin M. Barnes
Smallest Star & Kite:
Tess Wilhelm