2016 Gladden House Sessions: The Suitcase Junket

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WOUB media and Ohio University’s school of Media Arts and Studies present this week’s Gladden House Session featuring one man band, The Suitcase Junket.

The Suitcase Junket, a.k.a. Matt Lorenz, is a one-man, junk-folk sensation who delighted crowds at the 2016 Nelsonville Music Festival. Lorenz is a man of many talents who awed the audience with his unique homemade instruments and self taught throat singing. Between playing his guitar, makeshift suitcase drum, hi-hat, gas can drum featuring a baby shoe, saw blade, stove pot drum and bones and spoons combo, Lorenz is truly an intriguing performer.

Lorenz kicked off his set with “Radio Flyer,” the first track of his 2011 album, Knock It Down. For the second song was “Never Leave Let Me Be,” the first track of his debut album, 2010’s Sever and Lift. The third song featured in Lorenz’ set comes from his 2016 album, Dying Star, entitled “Let Go.” At this point, the audience was still engaged and enthusiastic, so The Suitcase Junket indulged the crowd and played a fourth song, “Oh My” from the 2015’s Make Time.