2016 Gladden House Sessions: Steve Poltz

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This edition of the Gladden House Sessions features the quirky yet charming singer-songwriter Steve Poltz.

Poltz, originally from Nova Scotia, has toured extensively on an international level. Many critics regard Poltz as one of the most talented and prolific songwriters of our time. Poltz has released 10 solo albums over 17 years. Some of the most notable of those releases are 1999’s Answering Machine, (which has been cited as one of Neil Young’s favorite albums,) 2007’s The Barn, (a children’s album,) and his newest release, 2016’s Folksinger.

Poltz kicked off his Gladden House set with Folksinger‘s opening track, “Mother Russia.” The second song featured in Poltz’ set was the title track of his 2010 release, Dreamhouse. “Dreamhouse” features Poltz’ quirky lyrics, but also showcases his impressive guitar skills, which kept the crowd awed. To close his set, Poltz covered The Grateful Dead tune, “Ripple,” with some help from Ohio University’s own Josh Antonuccio on the ukulele.