Unofficial Election Results for Wirt, Jackson, Mason, and Wood Counties in WV

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Unofficial election results are in for Wirt, Jackson, Mason, and Wood counties in West Virginia.

Wirt, West Virginia

Republican Teresa S. Murray won county commissioner with 1,521  votes. Her opponent Democrat Tony McVey received 893 votes.

Democratic candidate Travis Corbitt won sheriff with 1,07 votes. His opponent Republican Morton “Mort” Frey III ends with 852 votes.

Republican candidate D. Keith Wilson Jr won Assessor with 1,238 votes. His Democratic opponent Debbie Hennen ends with 1,195.

Republican candidate Marolyn Baldrige won county clerk with 1,601 votes. Her Democratic opponent Kitty Chevuront ends with 811 votes.

Republican candidate Carol Frame won circuit clerk with 1,741 votes. Her Democratic opponent Nikki McVey ends with 669 votes.

Wood, West Virginia

Democratic candiate James E. Colombo won commissioner with 17,052 votes.

Republican candidate Steve Stephens won sheriff with 26,859 votes. His opponent Democratic Brent West ends with 6,143 votes.

Democratic candidate Mark Rhodes won county clerk with 17,410 votes. His opponent Republican Bob Buchanan ends with 16,309 votes.

Education Levy: 20,103 voted for the levy and 14,161 against the levy.

Sunday Hunting: 23,363 voted Yes and 11,804 voted No.

Mason, West Virginia

Republican candidate Sam Nibert won Commission with 6,319 votes. His Democratic opponent Rick Pearson ends with 3,686 votes.

Democratic candidate Greg Powers won sheriff with 6,364 votes. His Republican opponent Curtis McConihay ends with 3,691 votes.

Democratic candidate Ron Hickman won Assessor with 7,724 votes. His Republican opponent Mark Villars ends with 1,911 votes.

Ambulance Levy: 5,807 people voted for the Levy and 4,170 people voted against the Levy.

Jackson, West Virginia

Republican candidate Cheryl Bright won County Clerk with 6,878 votes. His opponent Democrat Jo Boggess Phillips ends with 5,058 votes.