Washington Co. Man Awarded Millions More In DuPont Suit

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A Washington County man who claims he contracted testicular cancer because of Teflon made by DuPont has been awarded even more money.

DupontA jury awarded Kenneth Vigneron $10.5 million in punitive damages from DuPont, according to a release by the activist group “Keep Your Promises DuPont.”

This settlement adds to a $2 million award he was given in compensatory damages on Dec. 21. Jurors in Columbus determined compensatory damages and decided in the judgment that DuPont was negligent and its conduct was malicious.

Vigneron’s lawsuit is one of thousands of lawsuits against the company after the chemical C-8, used in the making of Teflon, was released into drinking water near the Parkersburg plant.

The man’s attorneys argued that DuPont knew the chemical could cause cancer, but DuPont’s lawyers said it wasn’t proven that C8 caused cancer, according to the Associated Press.