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Uncovering Personal Study Spaces on Campus

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ATHENS, Ohio — Midterms are over but finals are near for students at Ohio University. Doing well on those exams may have something to do with the personal study spaces some students have discovered.

College students have long held that successful studying requires an environment that relaxes the brain, and some students at Ohio University have their own preferred study spaces to help them focus.

Journalism student Gabe Genovesi takes most of his classes in the newer Schoonover Center, home to the College of Communication. The building has study spaces on almost every floor.

“We’re journalism, so we see people that we know,” he said.

Genovesi also enjoys the peace of Schoonover Center.

“It’s quiet in here most of the time, if not you throw headphones in,” he said.

Gabe Genovesi studies at Schoonover Center
Gabe Genovesi studies at Schoonover Center

Many students find their best study space is Alden Library which has the most space for study. Caleb Moore spends 6 to 7 days a week at the library.

“It’s a nice quiet, relaxing place and a lot of my friends that are in anatomy come here to study,” he said.

Moore said he also enjoys the Coffee Shop inside the library and can be seen drinking coffee anytime he’s at the library.

“My girlfriend says I drink too much [coffee],” Moore said.

Caleb Moore drinks coffee at alden Library.
Caleb Moore drinks coffee at Alden Library.

Others enjoy the peace of the outdoors and the many opportunities Ohio’s campus offers to study outside.

“There is a lot of quiet places where you can just read and not be interrupted by people coming in and out of the library,” said OU student Jessica Costello.

Study spaces abound on campus. Some are tucked away like the  patio behind Bentley Hall. But others are in middle of heavy traffic. Baker center features study spaces  on every floor.

But if the university’s spaces aren’t suitable, students can create their own. Sometimes they can be seen setting up hammocks on College Green or pulling out their laptop at Donkey Coffee.