Government Sells Coal Leases for Wayne National Forest Land

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NELSONVILLE, Ohio (AP) – The federal government is holding a competitive lease sale for coal underneath nearly 500 acres inside Ohio’s Wayne National Forest.

The Bureau of Land Management-Eastern States says Wednesday’s sale involves seven tracts in Perry and Morgan counties that contain an estimated 1.4 million tons of sub-surface mineable federal coal.

The offering comes in response to a lease application by CCU Coal and Construction, formerly Westmoreland Coal Co.

The company already operates an adjacent privately-owned underground coal mine that covers over 8,500 acres and produces 1.2 million tons of coal a year. In 2018, the mine employed 155 and supported 400 total jobs.

Wednesday’s bid opening will deliver each tract lease to the highest bidder, provided the amount is above the fair market value and other bid requirements are satisfied.